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How do I create a group page?

Encore works with musicians having individual accounts from which they can then manage group pages.  

 If you would like to create a group page please:

  1. If you haven't done so already, create an Encore account here. Make sure at this stage you enter your own individual name and musical skills rather than your group's - you'll be able to add your group's details in the next stages. 
  2. Create your group page here (or click the square “Add group” button under you your "Performs with” and “Previously performed with” on your profile).   
  3. Make sure you enter a valid group name, location, type, and style - then click next. 
  4. Groups work best with more than one member, so to complete your group you'll need to add at least one other Encore member. N.B. You cannot complete a group until another member has been added. You can do this in two ways: 
    1. Add an existing Encore member from the dropdown menu.
    2. If one of your group members isn't Encore yet, simply type in their name and email address to invite them. This will send them a friendly message letting them know that you've added them to the group, and inviting them to join the Encore community. You'll also be entitled to benefit from our referral scheme (you'll receive £20 when a musician you refer to Encore gets booked for their first gig through the platform).  
  5.  Once you've successfully added (or invited) at least one other musician to your group, you'll be able to click "Finish". 

Congratulations! You’ll now be able to manage both your group and individual profile, receiving job alerts for yourself as a solo performer or just your group, if you're only interested group jobs. If you don't take individual bookings and would like to hide your individual profile, click here to read how. 

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