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How do I review my musicians?

Leaving reviews ensures Encore remains a transparent and trusted platform and helps musicians secure more bookings in future. 

To review your musician after a booking:

  1. Click on your unique Enquiry page link (you can find this link in all the emails you've received from the email address 
  2. Scroll down to the 'Leave review' section. 
  3. Leave star ratings for each of the four review criteria:
    1. Satisfaction: were you satisfied with the standard of their performance

    2. Professionalism: were they prepared and courteous?

    3. Communication: how quickly did the musician respond to written communication?

    4. Punctuality: was the musician on time to rehearsals and the performance?

  4. Write a short review in the box below giving a bit more detail about your experience of the musician's performance. For example, how did everyone else at the event respond to their performance? Was there anything they could have improved? What did you particularly like?

  5. Click 'Submit' and feel satisfied, knowing that you've helped keep Encore a trusted place to book musicians.

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