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How do I apply for a job?

When a client adds a job to Encore which matches your Job alert settings, you'll receive a job alert (email or app notification) from which you'll be able to register your interest to the client by applying for the job. 

To apply for a job:

  1. First, click the 'Apply now' link in the Job Alert email or the notification you have received. You can also head to the Encore Jobs page if you'd like to browse jobs which are currently available.
  2. Read through the job description and check the profile requirements (see below) to make sure you are applying for a job which you'd be suitable for. 
  3. Click on the 'Apply as' button on the job which you'd like to apply for. 
    1. If you are an admin of a group you can choose to apply as a group. Note: some jobs are labelled 'GROUP ONLY' meaning only Encore members with groups can apply for them. 
  4. In the dialogue box, write your Covering Note explaining why you'd be perfect for the job.
  5. If the job requires media, select which media file you would like to link to this application from the dropdown:
  6. If the job is marked 'Quotes requested', you'll need to then add your quote. Note: the Encore Service fee is automatically deducted from the quote amount you enter. If you have a set figure in mind which you'd like to receive, you may have to increase your quote to account for the inclusion of the Encore Service fee. 
    1. Don't forget to add your Travel expenses. Encore never charges a Service fee on expenses. 
  7. Give your application a quick check over and then hit 'Send Application'. Read our guide to crafting a good application here

That's it! We'll automatically notify you as soon as the client has made their decision, whether your application is successful or not. 

What are profile requirements?

Some jobs require you to have video or audio on your profile before you are able to send an application. This enables clients to quickly assess your musicianship and increases your chances of being booked. 

Jobs which require Video or Audio or Video are marked like this: 

or this:

Refer a friend

Why not help out a musician friend by sending them the job information. Simply type their name (if they are an Encore member) or email into the box, or send them the link via Facebook or Twitter. 

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