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Why didn't I get booked for the job I applied for?

At Encore we want to give you the best possible tools to help you thrive in the music industry, but as every musician knows, consistently winning work can be a difficult skill to master. 

Here are the most common reasons for not being booked and what you can do about them:

The booked musician was better suited to the gig

Currently on Encore it is possible to apply for gigs which lie outside of your specialism. For example, if you are a classical singer, your "singer" tag will give you access to pop function work which you might not be so suited to as someone who sings full-time in a function band.  To give yourself the best possible chance of securing a gig, you're always better off applying for gigs that you're best suited to, even if applying for that function gig is tempting. 

The booked musician had a more attractive quote

Quoting for gigs is a delicate procedure that requires a mixture of gut feeling and careful market analytic. Many musicians assume that the client will always go for the lowest option, and while some clients are very price conscious, it would be a mistake to tar them all with the same brush. Event planners, for example, are often more interested in quality when it comes to planning their events rather than the difference in a few hundred pounds.

We've now introduced a number of features to help you quote, such as forcing clients to pick sensible budget ranges, and giving your feedback after an unsuccessful application on how your quote related to the average quote for that job. You should also aim to identify the type of client you are dealing with from the type of job they have listed and the way they have described it. A client hosting an 80th birthday party in an old people's home may not have much flexibility on price, but a client hosting a similar octogenarian knees-up with 100 guests on a country estate is probably going to be more interested in quality.    

The booked musician had better promo materials

In a crowded online marketplace, having better produced video and photos can give a musician the edge they need to secure a booking. Though it requires some upfront investment, a professionally produced video showreel and photoshoot has now become the new standard for musicians online. To help give you a leg up, we're secured an exclusive partnership with the photography platform Splento, you can learn more about this here


A note on job expiry

Sometimes job opportunities will be closed after the client has become unresponsive. It's not always clear why this happens, but when clients do tell us it's usually because the applicants they heard from weren't suitable for the gig. If you want to reduce the likelihood of applying for a gig which expires, make sure you only apply to gigs which you're best suited to.  

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