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How do I send a call request to a musician?

If you need to speak to the musician over the phone, you can send a call request to a musician. This sends the musician a message including your phone number and a time when you'd like them to call you. To send a call request:

  1. Click "Request call". 
  2. Fill in the call request form, including your contact number, the time when you'd like the musician to call you, and a brief message letting the musician know what the purpose of the call will be. Then click "Send call request".
  3. The musician should reply confirming whether or not they are available for a call at that time.
  4. All Encore musicians are advised to send a message to clients after a call confirming what was discussed, so that both parties have a record in writing. 

Once you're satisfied that you've confirmed arrangements with the musician, you'll need to send them a booking request by clicking the 'Request to Book' on their application card. Read more about booking requests here

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