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How do deposits work with Encore Pay?

If you have been confirmed for a booking using Encore Pay, you'll be eligible to receive a deposit. 

How much is the deposit?

Encore deposits are fixed at 15% of your total earnings (note: this does not include travel expenses). 

Is my booking eligible for a deposit?

You will receive a 15% deposit if:

  • Your booking is being made through Encore Pay (look for the icon below).
  • The client sends you a booking request at least 7 days before the event date. (If a client sends you a booking request within 7 days of the event date, your deposit payment will be transferred along with your final payment 3 working days after the event.) 
  • You have verified your payment details using a valid form of ID. Learn more about validating your ID here

How and when will I receive my deposit?

You will receive your deposit within 4 working days of the time when the client makes their payment. It will be transferred directly to the bank account you have added to your Encore account.  

  • Learn more about the timings of your payments for Encore bookings here.  

Do deposits affect the likelihood of me being paid after the gig?

No, unlike a typical deposit, which acts as an insurance policy if the client does not pay, all Encore Pay bookings come with a guarantee that you'll receive your full payment after the gig. Taking a deposit simply gives you access to some of your payment before the gig date.  

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