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How do I message a musician?

Once you've begun receiving applications for your job enquiry, you'll want to communicate with the musicians who you think look and sound the most promising. 

Why get in touch?

While you can learn a lot about a musician's ability from listening to their recordings and viewing their profile, we always recommend that clients get in touch with musicians to make sure that they can provide exactly the right services for your booking. 


To message a musician:

  1. Simply click the 'Send message' button below their profile.
  2. Once you've written your message, click "Send". This will send the musician an email notification about your message, to which they'll be able to reply. 
  3. The average time it takes that musician to reply is displayed on their application. 

If you'd like to communicate with a musician over the phone, you can send them a call request. Learn more about call requests here

Once you're satisfied that you've confirmed arrangements with the musician, you'll need to send them a booking request by clicking the 'Request to Book' on their application card. Read more about booking requests here

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