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How do I send a Bookings request and pay my artist?

So, you've listed your job, you've received a selection of applicants, and communicated using messages and call requests with your favourites. Now you're ready to make your decision and book the perfect performer for your event. 

Your next step is to send your chosen artist a booking request. Note: no booking is confirmed on Encore until you've sent a booking request (even if you have made a verbal or written agreement with your artist). 

To send a booking request:

  1. Head to your Enquiry page and click on the "Request to Book" button. 
  2. Check that the booking duration and fee matches that which you've agreed with the artist. If you have renegotiated either of these, you can edit them by clicking and typing in the relevant boxes. Note: in most cases you'll not need to edit these fields. 
  3. Next you'll need to select your payment method. We strongly advise clients to select 'Credit/debit card' and use our secure online payments system, as this is the simplest and safest way to secure a booking. If you know you will be unable to pay online, you can select 'Other'. Learn more about paying off the Encore site here
  4. Once you're satisfied everything is correct, click 'Next'.  
  5. Next fill in your payment details and click 'Send booking request'. You will only be charged once the musician has accepted the booking request. 

All that remains is for the musician to accept the booking request and then your booking will be confirmed.  

Paying with a deposit

If you sent your Booking request to the musician more than 28 days before your event then you'll make your payment in two steps. First, a deposit payment of 30% of the total quote and then the remaining 70% will be transferred automatically from your account 14 days before the event. 

Paying in a single transaction

If you sent your Booking request to your musician less than 28 days before you event then you'll make your payment in one transaction. 

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