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How do booking enquiries work for musicians?

Welcome to our guide to taking a booking through Encore. Follow these seven simple steps and you'll be using Encore like a pro.  

1. Apply for a job

  • Make sure your profile is in good shape, then apply for a job. For a full guide to applying for jobs click here
  • You can see the status of all your job applications at any time on your Bookings dashboard.

2. The client makes the next move...

  • We chase the client for an answer so you don't have to waste your time. We'll keep you instantly notified whether your application is successful or not. The client makes first contact with applicants they would like to chat to - you will not be able to contact a client until they contact you.
  • How long does it take to hear back from clients?

3. Communicate with the client

  • Clients can message you or send a call request to initiate communication with you. To maximise your chances of being booked, please respond promptly and clearly. 
  • When discussing details over the phone, please ensure that they are confirmed in writing via Encore messages to ensure we have a record in the event of a dispute.
  • If the client has decided they would like to book you, they should send you a Booking request. This is essential for the booking to be formally confirmed (even if the booking has been confirmed verbally or by Encore message). If it seems they are unsure about how to do this, we recommend you send them this handy article which explains how to send a Booking request from the client's point of view.
  • What the client sees:

4. Accept your Booking request

  • Once you're confident you have confirmed all arrangements for the job with the client, head to your Bookings dashboard to view your Booking Request and click 'Accept'. Learn more about booking requests here
  • If you renegotiate the fee amount you’ll need to make sure you update your quote. Learn how to do this here.

5. Add your payment details

  • If you haven't already, you'll then be asked to add your payment details and verify your bank account (see screenshot). Learn how to do this here
  • If you have verified your bank account, you'll receive a 15% deposit from the client before the event date. Learn more about your deposit here.

6. Perform the gig

  • Make sure you remain in close communication with the client until the gig date. We'll send email and mobile contact details to both sides once you've accepted the job.
  • You should bear in mind that the client will review your performance afterwards. Learn more about how client reviews work here
  • Enjoy the performance!

7. Receive your payment and review the client

  • 24 hours after the gig we'll release your final payment - this should arrive in your bank account within 3 working days. For more information on exact payment timings click here
  • You'll receive a link to review the client's conduct during the gig - please complete this as soon as possible. We rely on honest feedback to ensure that Encore remains the safest way to get booked for a gigs.    
  • You can view all details relating to your payment timing on your Payment dashboard (see screenshot).


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