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How do I update an artist's quote?

Sometimes after communicating with an Encore artist you might find that the original quote they gave in their application is unsuitable. For example, you might ask them if they could perform another set, or increase the number of performers in their group to cater for a larger venue size - both of which would require an update to increase the quote amount. 

To propose an updated quote to an artist:

  1. Make sure you have the artist's consent before you make any changes to the quote (this includes both their performance fee and travel expenses).
  2. Go to your unique Enquiry page (a link to this page is included in all emails you receive from Encore). 
  3. Find the artist you would like to book on the page. Then click "Request booking" on their artist card. 
  4. Adjust the values in the Duration, Performance fee, and/or Travel expenses boxes to edit the length of time the musician will be performing and how much you'll be paying them. (See below).   
  5. Check that the Total matches the total fee you'll be expecting to pay. Then click "Send booking request"    

What happens next?

The artist you've requested to book will be notified that you have updated the quote. If they are happy with your proposed update then the artist will accept the booking. Simple!

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