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How do I update my quote for a job?

Updating your quote for a job after you have sent your application is sometimes necessary. You might negotiate with a client to play another set, or reduce the number of performers in your ensemble to cater for a smaller venue, or you might simply have made an error while applying for the job. 

Updating your quote after you have been communicating with a client

  1. The first step in updating a quote needs to be taken by the client when they send you a booking request. By default, your Performance fee and Travel expenses are set to match the figures you gave in your job application, so if you have agreed with the client that these need changing then they'll need to update them. If it appears that they are unsure how to do with, send them a link to this handy FAQ.  
  2. Once the client has sent you a booking request with an updated quote amount, you'll receive a notification directing you towards your Bookings dashboard. Follow the link to your Bookings dashboard. When you reach your Bookings dashboard, you'll be directed to a dialogue box like the one below. 
  3. Check that all the details in the Payment breakdown section are correct. 
    1. If you think that the quote that the client has included in their bookings request is not correct, you can query this by clicking on "Click here to update your quote" (see screenshot above). 
    2. You'll then be directed to send a message to the client suggesting a different quote and explaining your reasons for querying their booking request.
    3. They'll need to resend you a booking request to confirm this change. Repeat Steps 1-3 until the quote looks correct. 
  4. If everything looks correct, click "Next", then enter your bank details to accept the booking. If you already have a bank account connected to your Encore account, simply accept the booking. 

Updating your quote when you have not received any communication from the client

If you've sent an application for a job with an incorrect quote and you have not received any messages or booking requests from the client, simply withdraw your application and reapply.  

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