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How long will it take for my payment to arrive?

Since we work with Stripe, a leading payment system to guarantee safe bank transactions, sometimes the validation process can mean than transfers take a little longer to appear in your bank account.

When we issue a transfer with the payment amount to your bank account, banks can take a few days to validate all the information and deposit the money.

Deposit payment

  • Deposits might take up to four working days to appear in your account after it has been transferred by the client (you'll receive an email confirming the transfer has gone through).

Final payment 

  • The final payment (the remainder of your fee) may also take up to four working days to arrive in your account after the transfer has been made. 
  • The transfer is made 24 hours after the time of the job event (this is the dispute period during which musicians or clients can raise any issues they might have had with the job), it then takes more two working days for the money to pass bank validations and actually appear in your account.

For example:

You are booked to perform at a wedding which will be taking place on 20th September and the client secures the booking by paying the deposit on 5th September. 

  • You will definitely have received your deposit by 9th September. 
  • We will issue the transfer of the final payment on 21th September, and you will have received the bank transfer by 25th September. 

What are the banks doing which takes time?

  • Banks can take up to two days to validate a customer's card information when they pay for the first time (e.g. at the point of the deposit payment).
  • They can also take up to two day to validate your account transfer and show the money in your account.
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