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How do quotes work when discussing prices with clients via Encore messages?

All quotes in messages include the 15% service fee, which is deducted when you receive payment.

Let’s use two example messages.

You have quoted £500 for a 2hr solo performance. If you are booked for this price, you will earn £425 (85%). 

You receive the following message from the event organiser:

“We really love your sound and think you’d be perfect for our party. Would you accept £350 if we shortened the performance to 1 hour 30 mins?”

This £350 total cost includes the 15% service fee, so you would earn £297.50. You don't want to go below £400, so you respond with the following message:

“Really glad to hear that, I would love to perform for you! I cannot do £350, but I would be willing to play a 90min set for £400.”

The £400 you have quoted to the client includes the service fee, so you would earn £340 total.

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