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Can I pay musicians outside of the Encore platform?

We believe that being paid for gigs automatically via Encore improves the experience for musicians and clients by making bookings more secure and simpler to manage on the day of the event. However, we know that many people prefer the familiarity of cash transactions, so we do offer the option of paying outside of the platform. 

How to pay using an offline payment method

  1. Once you know which musicians you'd like to book, click the "Request booking" button.
  2. In the dialogue which opens, select "Other" from the Payment method dropdown and click "Send booking request". The musician will then be sent a notification asking them to accept or decline your request. 
  3. Once the musician has accepted your booking request, you'll need to communicate with the musician(s) you have booked to confirm when and how they would like to be paid (for example, in cash on the day, or a cheque after the booking) and a point of contact who will pay them.
    1. Note: at this point the musician may ask for a percentage of their performance fee (a deposit) to be paid up front. The payment amount, method and time should be arranged at the discretion of the musician and client.  
  4. If you have confirmed the payment arrangements with your musician(s), then you're all set. Sit back and enjoy the performance!
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