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How do travel expenses work?

Travel expenses on Encore cover all the costs incurred by the musician that are unrelated to their performance such as porterage, equipment hire, and yes, travel costs. Here's how they work.

Quoting travel expenses

When you quote for a gig on Encore, you'll be asked to quote for travel expenses alongside your Performance fee. Encore does not charge a Service fee on your travel expenses.   

Receiving travel expenses

By default, your travel expenses will be included in your final payment sent within 4 working days after the gig. If the client is paying you outside of Encore Pay, then they will include travel expenses in their payment on the day. 

What if I need travel expenses in advance of the event date?

In certain exceptional circumstances, such as where long-distance travel is necessary, you may need to be paid your expenses before the event so that you can book flights or trains. If this applies to a booking you have accepted, please contact explaining your situation. 


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