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How and when will I be paid for a gig through Encore Pay?

Is Encore Pay available for my job?

Encore Pay was launched in February 2017, but there are still jobs for which payment takes place off the site. To be sure your job is eligible for Encore Pay, look for the Encore Pay icon: 

All non-Encore Pay jobs are marked with a banner like this:

Learn about how payment works with non-Encore Pay jobs here.  

Getting paid through Encore Pay 

Setting up payments

With Encore Pay, getting paid for a gig is now easier than ever. To make sure you can receive online payment for gigs first your need to upload your payment details and verify your ID. You can learn more about uploading your payment details here

How will I be paid?

Your Earnings will be transferred directly to your account using Stripe, our online payments provider. You will receive an email confirming that the payment has gone through and with an invoice attached.

When will I be paid?

You’ll typically receive payment for gigs in the form of two transactions. The first, will be a deposit, transferred as soon as the job is accepted. Note: deposits are only available for musicians who have validated their bank accounts

The second, is the remainder payment, transferred 24 hours after the event start time. If you have been booked for a series of events on different dates for one job, then your remainder payment will be transferred 24 hours after the first event. 

Note: We take your payment security very seriously, which can sometimes mean that transfers take up to 4 working days to reach your account. Learn more about the exact timing of your payments here.  

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